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It's the Little Things

You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone. In almost all circumstances, this old saying rings true. Often times we forget how important our loved ones are. Something so important to each of us, yet it feels like it's something we can easily overlook. We can easily forget to love. When we lose what we love, only then do we realize what that person meant to us and how powerful that connection was. We realize how important it is to love each other, and to love each other with everything we have.

To us, Near An Open Flame and our supporters are family. As a family, we believe it is important to be open and honest with each other in order to be there when things are not always easy. It is important to remember to live in the moment and cherish every day you have with those dear to you.

4 years ago, Lucas’s mother was diagnosed with dementia. As we are sure you know, dementia is an umbrella term for when forgetfulness, social skills, and thinking abilities begin to impair your normal, everyday life. In our newly released song, Evershifter, Lucas wrote about the hardship and challenges that are presented by this debilitating disease and how it has affected him and his mother. With this song, we want others who have family members that are suffering from dementia to know they are not alone. From Nov. 17th to Dec. 1st, Near An Open Flame will be donating $2 to the Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation for each person who shares this post on their story, tags Near An Open Flame, and uses the hashtag [hashtag]. With the power of our voices and action anything is possible. Help us build a better world together.

Evershifter // The Headspace